My graphic design work for "Throttle Thursday," a vibrant fusion of live music and motorcycle experience hosted by Mile High Harley-Davidson, delved into a colorful, psychedelic aesthetic reminiscent of classic concert posters. Drawing inspiration from the electric atmosphere of live music events, I crafted visually captivating materials that echoed the energy and spirit of the occasion.
Infused with kaleidoscopic hues, swirling patterns, and dynamic typography, the promotional materials exuded an essence akin to psychedelic concert posters. Each design element was carefully curated to evoke excitement, capturing the essence of the event's unique blend of music and motorcycle culture.
The result was a visually stunning series of promotional materials that not only communicated the event's details but also served as vibrant invitations to an exhilarating experience. This bold and psychedelic aesthetic not only drew attention but also encapsulated the lively ambiance of Throttle Thursday, enticing attendees to join in the vibrant celebration of music and motorcycle culture at Mile High Harley-Davidson.
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