During my tenure as a Lead Production Designer at Swift Communications from 2016 to 2019, I had the privilege of creating an extensive array of print and digital advertisements. Crafting hundreds of advertisements across various mediums, my role extended beyond mere designs; it was about storytelling through visuals, captivating audiences, and effectively communicating brand messages.
The scope of my work encompassed not only individual ads but also the design and layout of large-scale special section publications. These publications were an opportunity to curate cohesive visual narratives that aligned with the content and resonated with the target audience, enhancing engagement and readership.
Additionally, I had the opportunity of working extensively with Erlich Toyota of Greeley, a notable client that I handled as a white-glove account. Being solely responsible for their advertising allowed me to deeply immerse myself in understanding their brand ethos, target audience, and advertising needs.
My time at Swift Communications was a creative journey marked by the creation of impactful advertisements, immersive special section publications, and engaging program offering catalogs. It was about using design not just as a visual tool but as a means to connect, inform, and inspire audiences across various platforms.
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